Product information

We have always kept up with our customers. It was also a way to reflect the voice of the times in packaging. We assess, devise, and propose the best method to achieve one request. And step up to the birth of the next new technology and new functions. The packaging machines and systems born from this are playing an active role in various countries around the world with high-quality service and performance unique to each product and model.

Four-side seal filling and packaging machine

Evolving four-side seal packaging

Evolving four-side seal packaging
Packaging for pharmaceutical / food granules, powders, and liquids with all four sides sealed.
It has excellent features such as a strong seal, large print display area, double granule filling, stable counting accumulation and secondary packaging.
This photo shows the world's fastest pharmaceutical high-speed filling and packaging line.

Four side seal filling and packaging machine

Product lineup

  • Four-way seal filling and packaging machine
  • Tablet strip wrapping machine
  • Four-way seal filling packaging / counting /accumulation / band binding line
  • Pharmaceutical high-speed filling and packaging line
  • High-speed middle bag filling and packaging machine equipped with multi-lane auger
  • Multi-type filling and packaging machine
  • Four-way seal filling and packaging machine for liquids

Filling products (example)

  • Cold medicine, stomach medicine, Herbal medicine (granule / fine granule / fine powder)
  • Pharmaceutical tablets, pharmaceutical capsules, denture cleaning agents
  • Clean cotton, bath salts, disinfectants
  • Sprinkle, ochazuke, seasonings, soup
  • Raw miso, condensed milk, oyster sauce, soy sauce, oil
  • Oxygen scavenger, dehumidifier

Stick packaging machine

Expanding stick packaging

Expanding stick packaging
Since its development in 1978, stick packaging has grown rapidly. In recent years, it has expanded to countries around the world and has become a global standard for individual packaging. Compact stick packaging of powder, granules and liquid products provides consumers with ease of drinking and use, and brought producers a high value-added business model.

Stick packaging machine

Product lineup

  • Stick filling and packaging machine
  • Stick filling and packaging machine with multi-lane auger
  • Liquid / sticky stick filling and packaging machine
  • Multi-lane auger mounted stick filling packaging counting accumulation line
  • Stick filling packaging Counting integrated band binding line
  • Stick filling packaging Counting accumulation cartooning line
  • General-purpose single-lane stick filling and packaging machine

Filling products (example)

  • Powdered medicine (gastrointestinal medicine, Herbal medicine, cold medicine, dry syrup, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical solution (gastrointestinal, cold, syrup, etc.)
  • Instant coffee, Sugar, Sweetener, Powdered milk, Seasoning, Powderd soup, Powdered tea, Green tea, Protein powder, Miscellaneous grain rice
  • Sports drinks, Jellies, Honey, Fruit extracts, Collagen, Mayonnaise, Pet food, Alcoholic Beverages

Disposal mask making machine

Integrated mask production line from primary packaging to secondary packaging

Integrated mask production line from primary packaging to secondary packaging
It is a disposable mask manufacturing and packaging system that collects the technologies built up based on the experience cultivated in packaging machines for more than 60 years.
We present a series of mask production equipment not only for mask molding but also for individual packaging, accumulation, bagging, and boxing.

Mask making machine

Product lineup

  • Flat mask making machine
  • Three-dimensional mask making machine

Special machine

Disposable body warmer packaging machine series

Compatible with almost allstick-on heat patch?and hand warmers types of body warmers, such as

We have a strong track record and many years of experience in body warmer packaging, and most of the industries disposable body warmers are packaged by our machines.
The system is integrated from inner bag packaging to outer bag packaging.