Coffee, disposable body warmers, seasoning powder, etc.
A surprisingly familiar technology company that creates “that” what you have seen!

The moment I met him at the seminar, he hoped to join the company with “love at a glance”.
She builds machines for packaging products that she often sees in a well-ventilated work environment.

Mr.Kenta SuzukiTechnical department

What I was looking for was a “technical job” that felt close to my daily life.

When I attended a job hunting seminar, I first learned about the existence of Toyo machine manufacturing. When I investigated the booth with a light feeling, I found that I made a machine for packaging powders and liquids, and in fact, various products in my daily life are produced by the technology of this company. I wanted to get a job related to familiar things, but in addition to the interesting business content, I was attracted to the style of basically manufacturing machines “one by one” and wanted to join the company.

Accumulate more knowledge, experience, and make one machine by yourself!

Currently I oversee designing liquid stick wrapping machines. It makes me smile when I see the machine in shape after repeated trial and error, or when I see the opportunity moving. My future goal is to finish one machine by myself. As soon as possible, I would like to break through the current situation with the support of seniors and create a single machine on my own initiative. In addition, I would like to firmly master the 3D CAD skills that I am learning now, to be able to perform developmental movements, and to create epoch-making products that make use of curves. To that end, I would like to steadily climb the stairs in front of me, greedily for my knowledge and skills.

Making drawing by CAD system

Making drawing by CAD system

Liquid stick pack

Liquid stick pack