Our strength

Development is everything for us. We make full use of our unique development capabilities to create the packaging machines that we truly need. We will meet the needs of our customers by always maximizing ideas, technologies, and teamwork to be recognised in the world as having made the impossible, possible.

the customer's

Development capabilities

Each packaging machine is 100% made-to-order.
We will assess the shape, size, content, packaging material specifications, production efficiency, installation space, etc. of the filling material and propose appropriate equipment to our customer.
We will also propose automatic lines including secondary packaging such as counting and accumulation.

There are as many packages as there are products

Proposal capabilities

For example, pharmaceutical products are required to have a high quality, such as a filling error per package is not allowed.
We meet customer requirements such as accurate filling accuracy, guarantee of sealability, operating rate, hygiene matters, production control, and various validation support.

quality continues to be choosen

Quality capabilities

Maximum productivity of 800 packs / minute for stick packaging and 1000 packets / minute for 4 side seal packaging.
TOYO has been working on multi-lane machines since 1993, we are pursuing productivity not only by increasing the lanes but also by considering the durability, filling accuracy, and seal quality of the machine.

The fastest productivity in the world

Technical capabilities

We deliver to more than 25 countries, have distributors in each country, and we also have a local sales and after-sales service support. TOYO's technological capabilities have earned the trust of the world's leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and food manufacturers.

TOYO's technology in the world

Global support

“Only One for You”

Developed together with customers from the user's perspective.
We provide 100% made-to-order packaging machines

《Packaging sample》

  • Stick packaging

    Stick packaging

    It has been 40 years since a packaging machine that fills and seals packaging materials into rods was born in Japan. Due to the soaring prices of materials and the worldwide trend toward suitable packaging, various stick packaging such as powder, liquid, and multi-type packing has been created.

  • R-cut stick packaging

    R-cut stick packaging

    R-cut is to cut the four corners of the stick package into a round shape so that the corners do not stick. By giving it roundness, it eliminates the causes of piercing complaints in the packaging and distribution processes and pain/ injuries when touching the fingers and palms of consumers and gives a gentle impression.

  • Four-side seal packaging

    Four-side seal packaging

    It is a general shape for granule drug packaging and is a packaging form in which all four directions are sealed.
    Since the printed display area of the bag can be large, the display design effect is excellent, and it is designed as a sales form for each package when it is lined up in a store or for medicines that must display multiple cautionary notes within a limited area. It is used for food packaging, etc., aiming for effects.

  • Three side seal packaging

    Three side seal packaging

    It is a packaging form in which the folded edges are not sealed, and the film is folded in half and sealed on three sides to form a bag.
    The vertical seal and the horizontal seal are separated, and the contents are filled after making a bag with the vertical seal. Then seal with a horizontal seal.

  • Liquid stickpack style

    Liquid stickpack style

    Developed the world's first individual packaging of liquids, which was considered difficult.
    From the development of the filling method and automatic cleaning system, we have solved the problems related to sealing, mainly liquid leakage, and liquid biting, and now it is one of TOYO's main products.
    The benefits of convenient individual packaging due to the large capacity of bottles, bottles, etc. are immeasurable.

  • Assorted packaging

    Assorted packaging

    Conventional so-called assorted packaging, which combines a large number of items, uses several machines or is switched and produced by one machine, so the work has always been laborious and nerve-wracking. By separating the hopper and pump and separating them, this machine can package multiple items at the same time on a stand.

  • Compact SP packaging

    Compact SP packaging

    This is a new packaging form for tablets and capsules that replaces the conventional PTP packaging and SP packaging.
    Succeeded in saving space for SP packaging ahead of the rest of the world!
    By saving space, there are benefits like, transportation cost, storage space, environmental load, and convenience for patients.